Film maker, proud football wife, The Office fan club president & your new best friend. I also go by Madison, Mads or Mj... it really doesn't matter to me. My biggest desire for you as my client, is that you watch your film back and feel all the feelings! Video is here to tell your individual story and show people who you truly are. I find that the best way to do this is to not only establish a good relationship, but also a friendship as well. Throughout the booking process it is important to me that we build trust, have open communication, and get to know one another. This page is here so you can get to know me, learn about my process and passion for film, & to help build a solid relationship moving forward!

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Videography has been a passion of mine for over 10 years, but I made it my full time job over a year ago. My goal in every film I make is to highlight your authentic self, while also intertwining my own creativity and style. I find that the best films are those that not only tell a story, but draw emotion and speak to your soul. My goal is to deliver a film that is emotional and authentic, something that is different from the rest and stands out in a way that is original to your love story. 


I truly believe that video is one of the most important vendors you can book on your wedding day, and it is something you will look back on and be happy you included. Films can tell a story like nothing else can. It has emotion, movement, actual VOICES of those that you love, and it captures a moment that would otherwise be lost in time. It is an amazing way to look at the love that you have built, tell your story in a beautiful way, and show your future generations where your family began. When it comes to any type of videography, for any occasion big or small, there is something truly incredbile about being able to re-watch that memory over and over again.  

Why I do what I do!

As your videographer, I will give each and every moment spent on your film my very best. I have such an incredible passion for filming and editing, and I believe I am truly lucky to be able to work in an industry that I love. I believe that it is my creative ability to tell a story that sets me apart. You need someone that can deliver more than just a home video, but a cinematic and professional film. I cherish being able to look back at my own wedding film and relive all the happy moments and remember all those that were happy for me. When you book with me you are booking my personal brand and style, but you are also booking a friend that wants you to be able to soak in every moment from this time in your life. And for all the memories you can’t quite remember, i'll put into your film.  I am searching for couples that are adventurous and different! Couples that are finding ways to do things out of the ordinary and make their day completely unique. I am looking for couples who aren’t afraid to be themselves. I am looking for couples who prioritize their film and understand the importance of documenting the life around them. Mainly, I am looking for couples who are IN LOVE. 

Why You Should Pick Me!

I married my high school sweetheart (Austin) in May 2019. We both grew up in American Fork, but we are currently living in Ephraim, Utah while he plays football for Snow College. (I only charge travel fees for anything outside of Utah County though.. you're welcome.) He's super cute and I'm obsessed. I desperately want a dog, so you can find me scrolling KSL for puppies almost every day. I grew up playing a bunch of different sports, but mainly did cheer in high school. We are really busy, but we try to go up the mountains and learn new hobbies together as much as we can. It keeps us sane with all the home work, football practice, and work. #life. I love a good chick flick, but I REALLY love a good comedy. Schitts Creek & The Office are my absolute favorites. I love all types of music, and can never pick a favorite song so don't ask. I play the guitar when I feel like it. I love ANYTHING blue raspberry flavored and I could eat a whole bag of White Cheddar Smart Pop in one sitting. So there's that. If you want to know more about me, feel free to check out my personal instagram! 

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